Laminated Poles

Our laminated poles at Daviess County Metals are top quality and strong enough for your next project.

  • They are STRONGER with higher design values than solid sawn timbers
  • They are STRAIGHTER and are resistant to twist, warp or crook, making them easier to work with
  • They are LIGHTER and usually weigh about half as solid sawn timber

Our poles have a 6′ minimum of treated yellow pine lower

They are finger joint spliced 2′ apart

The uppers are all a #1 yellow pine

We use a moisture resistant glue and the top 24″ is unglued

Lengths available

13’7″ – 39’7″

3 ply 2×6  –  3 ply 2×8  –  4 ply 2×6  –  4 ply 2×8